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October 15 2009
Posted by xlgirls  [ 13:47 ]

Lily is a French-Canadian we found on an intensive model search across North America. She is one hot Fifi with a beautiful body and lives a life in constant pursuit of erotic pleasures. "I like a man to spend a lot of time kissing and licking my tits," says Lily. "Licking my pussy for a long time is also good. Then when we fuck, we fuck hard and for a long time. I like to be dominated with a lot of good penetration and deep thrusting. If I could, I would have sex two to three times a day."

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May 07 2009
Posted by xlgirls  [ 17:12 ]

XL: So when a guy is tit fucking you, what are you doing?

Sapphire: Well, I'll push my tits together and rub them back and forth on his cock and raise my head up to kiss the tip as it comes through.

XL: That's got to be the ultimate dream, Sapphire: tit fucking a girl like you and getting your mouth at the same time.

Sapphire: Yeah, they usually don't complain about that.

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April 23 2009
Posted by xlgirls  [ 00:54 ]

Juicy girl Skyie wants to commit the unpardonable. She wants to lose weight! Brainwashed by television, movies, celebrity magazines and crap shows like Next Top Model that encourage bad eating patterns and hallucinatory lifestyle beliefs, poor Skyie is being deluded into an unrealistic way of living. Enter our two heroes--true American heroes--who have concocted a scheme to stop this insanity. Working under the pretense of operating a weight loss clinic, they are actually interventionists, desperately trying to bring voluptuous girls to their senses, through confidence building techniques like tag-team fucking.

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March 28 2009
Posted by xlgirls  [ 18:22 ]

I've dated some real breast men, and it's cool because they're like boys with their favorite toys. They're so happy! Like when I'm giving a guy a blow job, I'll wrap my tits around his cock!

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March 27 2009
Posted by xlgirls  [ 16:16 ]

"When I was in sixth grade, I had double-D boobs," says Dusty. Holy shit! Dusty is a titty woman through and through. "I love my boobs. I love to touch them. I love to lick them." Dusty says it's a myth that guys want stick thin girls, the kind who sit glued to the TV watching America's Top Model. The Paris Hilton/People magazine anorexic ideal of womanhood. "Men want curves. They want voluptuous women. I meet a lot of men and that's what they want."

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November 29 2008
Posted by xlgirls  [ 14:40 ]

Sadie Brook remembers how she started. "There was a pop-up ad on the Internet that said Models Wanted and I thought, "I have some pictures to send. I wonder what kind of feedback I'll get." So I emailed the pictures. But it took a long time to get me to XL Girls because I was hesitant. I was like, "I wanna do it, but then again, I don't want to feel like I did something I shouldn't have done." So I talked to some of my closer family members and said, 'There's something I'm thinking about doing. Would you have a problem with it?' And they didn't."

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October 30 2008
Posted by xlgirls  [ 13:34 ]

I tried once to weigh my boobs but one of my breasts wouldn't even fit on the scale. My areolae are about 5 inches or so wide but they are very light in color so they are hard to see in pictures.

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September 11 2008
Posted by xlgirls  [ 22:37 ]

Michelle Louise used to be a model until she started agenting. Now she gets models jobs in the busy London glamour field. She knows her way with a buzzin' buddy.

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June 07 2008
Posted by xlgirls  [ 01:31 ]

Laura's favorite perfume is called BabyDoll. Her favorite book is Princess by Jean Sasson. And her favorite movie is Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. A perfect day for her is a visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, if she had Michael Portillo as a guide. (Portillo is a British politician.)

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March 01 2008
Posted by xlgirls  [ 19:29 ]

Leanne celebrates her birthday on July 16. "I am a great believer in astrology," explains Leanne. She's from the Czech Republic. "I studied astrology since I was a child. The sign of Cancer governs my activitities. I am emotionally intense and deeper than I appear to people. My sign also has a strong sexual appetite. Sometimes I become shy with a new partner. I get worried about what he thinks of my body and I will cover up if I do not feel I look my best." Leanne is 5'8", 281 lbs., 56-42-56 and wears a 42K brassiere. "I never rush into having sex with a new man. A girl has to be careful!"

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February 13 2008
Posted by xlgirls  [ 13:23 ]

Kountry Gal says she likes "big-girl sex." What's big-girl sex? "That's when you get a skinny boy and a big girl, and I grab your ass and hold you inside me. I basically use you like a fuck-doll. I like a guy who can keep it up for at least 20 or 30 minutes and fuck me really hard. Don't worry about breaking me. It's not going to happen!" Here Kountry Gal meets the meaty man Tony Bologna. He rises to the occasion and treats Kountry Gal to his packaged meat.

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February 09 2008
Posted by xlgirls  [ 05:33 ]

Wyldroze has a secret. In the Arizona town she calls home, all the neighbors think she's a devoted soccer mom who loves to take her kids camping on the weekends. But scratch the surface of this redhead, and you'll find a blistering sex drive. She's 5'9", 230 pounds, and wears a 40DD bra. She goes for blue-collar guys, like firefighters, truckers and military men. She says she's most sexually satisfied by butt-sex. A typical soccer mom? We doubt it. A sexbomb who gets off on the idea of guys jacking to her photos? Undeniably!

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February 06 2008
Posted by xlgirls  [ 01:42 ]

"I love shy guys so I always end up making the first move," says sexy and cuddley Monique L'Amour. "My fantasy is have a threesome with a girl and a guy. I just haven't found the right friends yet, but maybe one day I will. I love shy guys, so it's always up to me to make the first move when I meet a guy who's bashful. But I have to say that I've actually fulfilled all my fantasies by making all the movies I did for Voluptuous and XL Girls. And I can't wait to come back and satisfy a few more fantasies."

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January 29 2008
Posted by xlgirls  [ 16:02 ]

Donna always wrote the horniest, sexiest dirtiest letters. "Later on, alone at bedtime, I started to masturbate. I first started by putting baby oil on my tits and rubbing it all over them. As I started to do this, I heard something. I was not sure what it was, so I called out. I didn't get a response, so I continued to masturbate. I got the dildo from the nightstand and started to insert it in my pussy. I pulled it out and sucked on it. I was dreaming that it would be nice to have his big cock in my mouth right now, and to suck and lick his balls too."

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January 27 2008
Posted by ags  [ 15:28 ]
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Posted by ags  [ 15:27 ]
Wooooooow...these busty milfs do it all Wooooooow...these busty milfs do it all! They long for your hard young cock in their tight well aged pussies! Come check out Mommygotboobs, for those of you who love Huge Tits matured to perfection! We've got tons of exclusive busty milfs waiting for you! Check out this unique site today!
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Posted by ags  [ 15:25 ]
Mommy Got Boobs These milf's are so horny they long for a nice big cock jammed right in between their tits. You'll see insane XXX hardcore action featuring the biggest boobs you've ever layed eyes on. Our content is 100% exclusive we've gone out and found these moms ourselves just for you!
Wooooooow...these busty milfs do it all! They long for your hard young cock in their tight well aged pussies! Come check out Mommygotboobs , for those of you who love Huge Tits matured to perfection! We've got tons of exclusive busty milfs waiting for you! Check out this unique site today!
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Posted by ags  [ 15:23 ]
Busty babe Lenka Gaborova with nice big naturals brought to you by Twistys Busty babe Lenka Gaborova with nice big naturals brought to you by Twistys
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Posted by ags  [ 15:22 ]
Big tits Preview Big Titted Milfs Getting Hammered With Cock
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January 24 2008
Posted by xlgirls  [ 01:34 ]

Blanka is the covergirl of XL Girls SP #146. Not bad for a newcomer! She does clerical work in an office where the staff has to wear clothing at all time. Modeling for horny photos and videos is something she thought about but never acted upon. A couple of guys at work always make comments about her huge tits and are always trying to fuck her so she realized she's got something some guys want.

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January 20 2008
Posted by xlgirls  [ 14:39 ]

Vicki was laid in XL Girls, making it an extra-hot debut. Here she does a solo set so we can really check out her plush body. Vicki is a full-time receptionist and a part-time college student. XL Girls and Voluptuous models are known for their hard work (and even harder play) ethic. The more successful she gets, the more she comes closer to one of her goals, getting her dream car, a silver BMW convertible.

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January 18 2008
Posted by xlgirls  [ 17:01 ]

Jennie Louise is a first-timer from Swansea, Wales. "I'll meet a guy and start dating and we'll have sex and then in a few months, he'll try to get me to lose weight and do this or that. And then he'll stop calling because I won't do as he says," says Jennie Louise. "I prefer a bloke who will like me and accept me as I am without any conditions." Jennie Louise is 5'9", 223 lbs., measures 52-46-56 and blows out a size 40J brassiere.

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January 11 2008
Posted by xlgirls  [ 12:27 ]

Only in XL and nowhere else. Tia enjoys the attention of a licensed, certified man-slut to bring her to satisfaction. "I love the feel of a hard cock in my mouth," Tia admits. "I'm ready for good sex anytime. I hope I get a response from everybody because I'd like to come back. This is like a vacation for me, all the sex I can handle." Tia was made for tit-fucking, and is, in fact, the tit-fuckers dream girl.

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January 09 2008
Posted by xlgirls  [ 20:30 ]

"If I am really horny, I can masturbate for up to an hour," says Dayton. "I like the latex dick vibrators so I can pretend it's a cock. I don't need any lube. A few minutes of vibrating my clitoris and lips and I'm all wet and open. Now, when it comes to men, I will initiate things if I really like a guy. If I didn't, I might still be a virgin. I find that a lot of guys are shy and hesitant.

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January 04 2008
Posted by xlgirls  [ 16:05 ]

Sure, you'd hire Susie Wilden to be your busty maid in a heartbeat. So what if you live in a studio apartment with a hot plate as a kitchen? She'd never get any work done anyway. She'd be too busy fending off your advances. Well, we can dream. They can't take that away from us. Nothing could be worse than what happened to one dude Susie was hanging out with.

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January 03 2008
Posted by xlgirls  [ 12:41 ]

Risque Waters has an interesting theory about guys. "I believe if a guy has a big ass, he doesn't have a big cock. If he has no ass or a little ass, he has a big cock." We never heard this one before and we've been around the block a few times. Risque weighs 200 lbs. and has 38DDD bazooms.

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January 02 2008
Posted by xlgirls  [ 09:15 ]

How did we find you?
BRIANNA: At the AVN Awards. I was browsing around and ran into Elliot James. He's such a nice man.
He wouldn't be so nice if you were flat-chested!
BRIANNA: And he had a camera around his neck, and he appeared again when he was at a friend of mine's booth, and he asked me if I'd done any modeling, and I told him, "Not much," but he said, "I'd like you to talk to someone. Do you have time? Would you mind?"

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January 01 2008
Posted by xlgirls  [ 22:20 ]

The first time Lily had sex..."He was not my lover, but he behaved like one. There were a lot of smooth, tender kisses. He licked my pussy slowly and for a long time. He spent a lot of time kissing, caressing, touching and licking my breasts. He penetrated me very quickly and finally ejaculated on the bed! Sometimes when I masturbate, I think about that first experience and I cum so hard I cry out." Lily braved the cold to pose outside. A babe!

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December 31 2007
Posted by xlgirls  [ 12:50 ]

Veronika is a blend of the best of both SCORE and Voluptuous worlds. She's a big, strapping woman that towers over most of her fellow models. She has a hot, gorgeous body that straddles the line between topheavy and super-voluptuous. "I have to be careful with my weight," Veronika said. (We had some help in translation.) "I have to eat the right food and ride my bicycle. I can put on more pounds very easy. I also love chocolate and sweets. That does not help! I think I am in my best shape in these pictures! So there!"

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December 29 2007
Posted by xlgirls  [ 20:28 ]

Goldie is a goldmine of tit-lovin' information. "I like to smother guys with my giant titties. Give them a big faceful. Suck the nipples, lick them and lick around the areolae and squeeze them. But don't squeeze too hard. They're delicate. Squeeze them softly. They get more sensitive the more they get played with." Words to live by. The consummate man-pleaser, Goldie will now happily demonstrate how she takes care of a man's swollen junk.

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December 27 2007
Posted by xlgirls  [ 13:15 ]

"I hate it when guys just out of nowhere are like 'wanna fuck?'" says Chavon, a new face and body who has become a very popular girl with big things ahead of her. "I mean obviously we want to fuck but guys need to work up to that moment. They just can't skip over the intros, like they're fast-forwarding a DVD!" Chavon has been with girls but she prefers the man-pipe of love. "The only time I've hooked up with girls was when I started modeling," says Chavon. "Besides that, not a big fan of the chicks."

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November 01 2007
Posted by xlgirls  [ 01:00 ]

Some models poses a few times, maybe even once, and that's the last we ever see of them. Fiona makes her ninth appearance in seven years, a terrific achievement by anyone's measure. Fiona originally got involved in men's mag style posing when "I went to an audition with two other girls and had five test pictures taken. Before I could put my clothes back on, I got asked to come back the next day for a full photo session.

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October 07 2007
Posted by xlgirls  [ 02:00 ]

It's been exactly a year since Logan first modeled. After she posed once, she had her baby and took some time off dancing. This is only her second time posing. We think Logan has big things ahead of her. Hopefully she'll keep the momentum going and keep posing, do some video. "My first time out, I made the cover of Voluptuous.

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September 21 2007
Posted by xlgirls  [ 02:00 ]

Steve wants to celebrate his birthday. Poor buggers alone and needs some tits and pussy to cheer him up. That's what they invented telephones and Stripper-Gram services for, right? He calls up an agency and asks for something special. Imagine the tingle running through his veins when Leah Jayne shows up decked out like a nurse.

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September 18 2007
Posted by xlgirls  [ 20:50 ]

Gabriella looks like some kind of supercool cheerleader. What team? The Voluptuous Vixens? That's what we call a tackle-worthy body. What position? Tight end? She says that the first time she had sex was "after a high-school football game in my cheerleading uniform in the back of my car."

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September 16 2007
Posted by xlgirls  [ 22:50 ]

Wow Nikki satisfies the needs of the man who digs "AILF's" (Aunts I'd Like To Fuck) as well as "NILF's" (Neighbors I'd Like To Fuck). A mature nymphomaniac who's very experienced at tit-fucking cock, Nikki says "I can make any man come in under five minutes with my boobs if I want to. But I won't if I'm extra-horny and need to get fucked hard in my pussy.

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August 08 2007
Posted by xlgirls  [ 20:50 ]

Born March 15th, Sunny lives in New York City. She's 5'2", 138 pounds, measures 42-30-36 and wears a 34G bra. A male friend of hers is a subscriber to V-Mag. He showed her the magazine several times and told her she would be perfect. He kept on her about posing until she mailed some photos to our office (TSG, 1629 NW 84th Ave., Miami, FL 33126).

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July 30 2007
Posted by xlgirls  [ 22:50 ]

Did your classmates treat you differently because of your breast size? From the boys, I had attention. They would not leave me alone. They would touch my boobs and run away. One boy--he lived near me--he would try to get me to suck his penis in his bedroom when his parents were not home. He tried for years. I was a good girl and would not suck.

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July 28 2007
Posted by xlgirls  [ 00:50 ]

"Lick them but don't bite them. I have a hard time getting off when I'm on top unless the guy holds my breasts. I like to grind when I'm riding a guy's cock. I like to move back and forth, but the only way I can get off is if he has at least one hand on my boobs. It's always been like that for me, unless I'm on the bottom, in which case I can cum any way I want.

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April 21 2007
Posted by xlgirls  [ 05:30 ]

"I started developing breasts at nine," says Deja, who was living in Baltimore the last we knew. "They were pretty big. Then, when I was in high school, they became outrageously big. I had a lot of problems at school because they were so big. I was a 44DD in high school. Then it went up from there. I got a lot of attention from the boys...the men...the teachers. I tried to wear big, bulky stuff but you can tell when a person has big breasts even if they try to hide them."

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April 20 2007
Posted by xlgirls  [ 04:50 ]

Charlotte is a great, great girl with a perfect, voluptuously blessed body and a beautiful cherubic face that any guy could spend hours smooching like Pepe Le Pew on hormones. In this video Conquering Charlotte, she hangs out at the Tower of London, checking out the sites, then she heads to a bed so her plush, juicy body can be completely examined.

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April 19 2007
Posted by xlgirls  [ 05:30 ]

Eden lives in Israel and easily has the biggest tits of anyone in her country. (We think.) Bozena lives in Prague. We got them together in sunny Spain. You can thank us later for our service to the Boob Brotherhood.

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